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Baguette and a Movie? Mais Oui!

November 17th, 2014 - by Benjamin Jordan in La Rochelle, France

We are stoked to be heading to the coastal France this week to attend the Adventure Film Festival in La Rochelle, France. The Boy Who Flies will screen at 5:00 PM on November 20th at Espace Ecran - Quai Louis Prunier La Rochelle.

After the festival, I'll go south to Bordeaux where to spend time on aerial cinematographer, Yann Romanson's house boat. Then it's off to La Dune du Pilat, somewhere I've dreamt of going since learning to fly ten years ago.

The trip concludes in Paris where I will spend a day visiting with CMC, a post-production house that has awarded us services as a result of our last award at the Val D'isere Adventure Film Festival.

Merci l'Univers!

:) Ben

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The chief's daughter patiently awaits the presidential election results.

Though voting occurred over a week ago, an impenetrable layer of bureaucracy and corruption has kept the results secret from the Malawian people.

Tension is high. Which man or woman will rise to steer this country towards an independence long overdue?


PS. Be sure to catch Godfrey's blog about voting. Click BLOG on the left.

Photograph by: Benjamin Jordan in Thuchila Area, Malawi

Last fall, we collected a bus full of paragliding equipment for the School of Dreams project in Malawi, and, until a few weeks ago, had no way of getting it there.

Today, we're so incredibly excited to announce that, through the help of our friends The Cloudbase Foundation, Africycle and Sean O'Connor, the gear magically found its way from Sean's attic to a container in Victoria, BC, setting sail for Malawi shortly.

Thank you Benjamin Voss, Sean O'Connor, John Robertson, Jennifer Kaatz, Chad Loreen, Matt Cone, Stephanie Terrien and the entire Cloudbase Foundation team. Together, you are making The School of Dreams come true!

B, G & E

Photograph by: Benjamin Jordan in Portland, United States

My best Canadian friends, Ben and Erica have recently arrived in Malawi. They are here to help me explore all of what our land has to offer paragliders and also to help me find the best place to build my paragliding school, The School of Dreams.

We are in the Mount Mulanje area right now and internet access is difficult, but we will share with you friends as much as we can.

<3 G

Photograph by: Benjamin Jordan in Thuchila Area, Malawi

The School of Dreams team has landed in Malawi after a beautiful afternoon flight from the Mulanje Massif you can see in the background.

Many of these youth are seeing paragliders for the first time and are so thrilled that they will follow you for an hour or two, all the way to the market, and back again.

B :)

Photograph by: Benjamin Jordan in Thuchila Area, Malawi