Design Your own Poster!

Get creative and use these tools to design your very own "The Boy Who Flies" screening poster. :)

 1.  Poster Templates & Graphics
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   Easy to edit .PSD (Photoshop) Template Files:
   Useful .PSD (Photoshop) Graphic Files:
   Flat .JPG Files:
 2.  Stock Images
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   1. Children   (scroll down for more categories)
   2. Culture   (scroll down for more categories)
   3. Kiting   (scroll down for more categories)
   4. Paragliding   (scroll down for more categories)
   5. Travel & Portrait   (scroll down for more categories)
 3.  Copy / Text

1.   Tiny / Logline Synopsis:

A young man risks everything to become Malawi's first paraglider pilot.

2.   Short / Funny Synopsis:

From opposite corners of the earth, two men are united by a common dream; to be the first to paraglide from Mount Mulanje, Malawi's highest peak. Things go well until they discover that one doesn't know what he's in for and the other doesn't know how to paraglide.

3.   Medium / Holywood Synopsis:

Adventuring into the heart of Africa, a paraglider instigates a young man's potentially deadly quest to release the weight of poverty, social taboos and self doubt, and take to the skies. In doing so, the traveler is confronted with unsettling truths about his own racial and cultural identity.

In a country where no one flies, two friends can inspire a nation by putting everything on the line.

4.   Long / Descriptive Synopsis:

Following a dream, Canadian paraglider pilot Benjamin Jordan travels to Malawi to teach children the joys of kite flying. There he meets Godfrey, a young man who has always dreamt of flying through has never had the means.

The odd pair tour the country on bikes, building kites with youth while motivating them to follow their dreams, no matter the challenge. They are destined Malawi's highest peak, where from, after weeks of ground training, the two will attempt to fly down, making Godfrey the first Malawian paraglider pilot.

Observing himself through the eyes of the Malawians, Jordan must come to grips with truths about who he is as a westerner while Godfrey is required to reach deeper into his faith than ever before to believe that the crazy white man knows what he's talking about.

5.   Common Question (used in graphics):

How far will you go to realize your dream?

 4.  Poster Making Guidelines

1.   Keep It Simple

The more cluttered your poster, the less people will want to look at it. It's important to keep things bright, balanced and make sure that the most important details stand out. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you've covered the 5 W's: Who, What, Where, When and Why.

2.   Color vs Black and White

Black and White posters and flyers can be just as effective as colour ones and cost significantly less to print. If designing in B&W, keep in mind that only high-contrasting images (like the silhouette images in the posters & graphics section) will print and copy well.

3.   Consider Flyers

Depending on your audience and how they'll find out about your screening, it may serve you to print smaller version (perhaps 4 or 6 to a page) as a flyer which people can take with them in additional to your poster. You may also want to simplify the graphics on the flyer and make sure the text is big enough for anyone to read.

4.   Email, Online, Social and News Media

Don't be shy. You're an awesome person showing a fantastic film with a great cause. It's time to make a screen sized version of your poster and get it circulating on local websites, via email as well as throughout your social networks. Beyond that, you can send high-resolution versions of your poster and any of the files here to your local media. They will be delighted to run a piece on your event ahead of time, and may even show up to do some coverage on the day of.