Follow this guide to create a fun, smooth and successful screening.

 1. Set the date
Choose the Date, Time you'd like to use for the screening, then complete this form.
 2. Find and confirm your venue
If you haven't already, find a place that you feel comfortable hosting this film.
Consider your school, community centre, local theatre, paragliding club, a church, your home or back yard! :)
 3. Invite guests
Use email, Facebook, Evite or the good old fashioned telephone to invite people to attend your screening.
 4. Prepare materials
You will need a DVD player or computer as well a projector and screen (or blank wall) to present the film.
Be sure you have the cables to connect everything together.
Notify the Media! Advertise for free by making time to contact the local media (newspaper, blogs, magazines, tv or radio, and send them information on your event and the film. Reference our Press Kit and welcome them to contact Benjamin or Godfrey for interviews.
Create a poster and images to share via email and on Facebook (download material)
Download the 10 minute introductory video by Ben & Godfrey
 5. Make a plan
Here's a program we recommend, which you can modify as you like.
 6. Set up your event (day of)
Make it fun by asking a few friends help out. It's best to show up a couple hours ahead of time to make sure the video and sound are spot on.
 7. Follow up
We are excited about your event and want to know how it goes. You can send photos, video, even a little writeup about your experience. If you have ideas that will help others host future screenings, share them with us and we will be sure to pass it on.
Thank you so much. We are humbled that you are considering sharing our film with your community.

Ben & Godfrey